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    Diamond Export Industries
    Manufacturer and Exporter of Textile Fabrics & Made-Ups
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We are Pioneer to produce Microfiber in Pakistan.Dimaond Export Industries(Pvt) Limited is one of the growing textile manufacturing group in Pakistan. It is vertically integrated with operation in all sectors of the textile industry from Spinning to Stitching.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading global innovator in home textiles,renowned for our quality, craftsmanship, and commitment to sustai

Our Mission

We take pride in our mission to be an Ambassador of Pakistani textiles on the global stage. We aim to createexceptional home textile solutions that represent the rich heritage and excellence of our country.

Our Sustainability

Our focus at The Diamond Export Industries (Pvt) Ltd. is to have as less of an environmental footprint as possible.

Our History!

Diamond Export Industries (Pvt) limited has started its journey in 1965 as a family owned business in textiles in the local market. Far sighted vision, strong planning and leadership of the management with the help of competent and dedicated team brings Dimaond Export Industries(Pvt) Limited to a 100% vertical manufacturing unit. This journey is still going on with the effectiveness of management systems, skilled work force and by creating quality products to capture the market and to strengthen the relationships with our business partners.All the credit of our progress and growth goes to our technical management & team.

Our Capabilities

Stitching & Quilting

Quality Assurance

Our products are Oeko-Tex certified and meet the human ecological requirements of the standards presently established for products with direct contact to skin. The certified goods fulfill requirements of reach( including the use of azo-dyes, nickel, etc.) as well as the American requirement exception of accessories made from glass.


Quality Control


Latest Technology


Qualified Staff


Social Policy

Our Certification


We follow strict measures to ensure quality of our products and delivery time given by our customer. Dimaond Export Industries(Pvt) Limited get advantage of in house Spinning,Weaving,Printing (Disperse & Pigment) and stitching unit.

Events & Exhibitions

Participation in different home textile events & exhibition's is an important promotional tool for the implementation of our export strategy. To maximize returns it is essential that our participation in fairs be focused, well organized and properly followed up. We are regularly participating in different exhibition's worldwide.


Upcoming Event

Dated by: 9 - 12 January


2.5 KM Jaranwala Road Khurrianwala

Faisalabad Pakistan


Call us

Export Marketing: +92-300-7642481

Export Marketing: +92-300-8661915

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